The work that Paul and Clint started back in the 80’s through SkateChurch has launched and inspired similar movements worldwide. The influence and ground work laid by these two men has led to countless individuals stepping out in faith to reach their local skate community. Through either the establishment of Christian skate facilities or just simply using existing public skateparks and meeting together on a regular basis...the story and concept of "Skate Church" is one that we believe needs to be shared.

The goal/objective of a film is to clearly show the simplicity of reaching individuals where they are and the objective of bringing the church outside of the four walls. To love intentionally and to be committed consistently creates not only an individual impact but a true discipleship movement.

We believe a film sharing this story will both motivate and inspire others to take a similar leap of faith to do the same; not only through skateboarding but hopefully through countless other avenues as well.

FOOTAGE: All filmed in 4K.
DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY: Vimeo, YouTube, RightNow Media, Interlink and other Youth Ministry Resources.
MARKETING PLAN: Music Festivals, Youth Conferences, Denominational Gatherings, etc.
100% FREE. Digitally everything will have no cost. Available across multiple platforms and accessible globally with subtitles in multiple languages. Hard copy resources will be available at cost to ministry partners.